Lost Love


We live we laugh we love,
We get angry and sometimes sad.
We see the sunrise and the sunset.
Every day that passes by is something special.
But all needs to come to an end.
Life, laughter, and love.
We may live with them,
We may laugh with them,
And we may love them.
But even love can not stand forever.
It will some day fall,
And it will become our lost love.



Words are wonderful,

They can be sweet or bitter,

They may also be a little sour.

Some people study words.

People live by words.

But what if there were no words.

What if words were no more.

Would we be left in a world of nothing?

Would we be lost,

Or just a little confused?

Would we understand each other without words?

The Darkening Feeling


The darkening feeling is one quit unknown of,

The sickening feeling of dread in your heart

The heart of one man is not in his own mind, but of something far greater than that.

A darkening feeling is not very known of, but the life of everyone has seen it before

Only one can take the heart and snap it in two,

And the darkening feeling can break it  just about right.


The feelings you have always matter,
Even if they’re bad or even if they hurt.
You should never take them, and bury them under,
Under that beautiful smiling face.
That smile can fool one or maybe another,
But never one too many.If someone asks you ,”What’s the matter?”
You should open up and have a chatter.

Freedom Sinking Away

By Alexis Kage

Our forefathers fought for this land,

They shed their blood for us.

And to think they can see,

What happened to the land they so nobly fought for they would be ashamed.

Ashamed of how we ruined this land

Ashamed on how we ruined the constitution and it’s meaning.

And also ashamed on how the freedom they so dearly fought for,

Is slipping away…..




A rose for you

A rose for me,

Maybe one for mother

Or for the queen

It’s petals red like crimson,

Or red as blood or not quit so,

It’s stem covered with thorns,

To protect the soft heart inside,

The one flower that shows a story within.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday you would say,

To your friends,family,and neighbors,

When there joyous time comes,

But you wait and wait for it to be your turn,

And when it comes and passes the hole process begins again.


Life is something you can’t fight,

Life will make you do or die,

Life can not be changed so easily,

Life takes time to take it’s place,

So don’t hate your life it could change.

Why Is Life

Why is life so bleak and gloomy ,

When times are good or bad,

And from all our heart breaks and aches

we should learn life is not fair.

But we shouldn’t think it’s always gloomy,

One can always be glad,

My Shepherd

My shepherd is my safe where I go when I am hurt,
I am the lamb who has gone astray,
Away from his loving side,
His pity and forgiveness is lasting and overwhelming,
He will always love and care for me always, always and forever.