Freedom Sinking Away

By Alexis Kage

Our forefathers fought for this land,

They shed their blood for us.

And to think they can see,

What happened to the land they so nobly fought for they would be ashamed.

Ashamed of how we ruined this land

Ashamed on how we ruined the constitution and it’s meaning.

And also ashamed on how the freedom they so dearly fought for,

Is slipping away…..





A rose for you

A rose for me,

Maybe one for mother

Or for the queen

It’s petals red like crimson,

Or red as blood or not quit so,

It’s stem covered with thorns,

To protect the soft heart inside,

The one flower that shows a story within.


Rain can do and be many things…

Rain can wash your car

Rain can replenish a land in a drought

Rain makes things grow

Rain can make feel sorrowful

Rain has different meanings to different people…….

Depends on where you go…..



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Days are well…..days

They pass by without you knowing

They slip threw your fingers every now and then

They are one thing we should appreciate about our lives

We spend days with family under the sun at the park playing

We go to work knowing the day is not over

The day will never be over it never will be over……..

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Night is dark…………it’s bright

Night is after day

Night is peaceful

Night is night……

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Pictures in the Sky

Pictures in the Sky

As the sun goes down behind the clouds.

Images form within  the clouds.

Making a lion standing proud in the clouds.

With a bear also standing proud with his head held high

towards the heavens above.With the ocean

waters underneath flowing very gracefully.

As the sun goes down red, orange, and yellow rays.

Like kite streamers in the  sky make a beautiful sunset

spreading far and wide.Till night time falls and the stars come out…..

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Beauty is it’s name….

With waters meek and calm

It turns red at sunset always


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The sun goes down….

Casting rays of sun threw……

Like streamers across the dark sky


By Poems From Me To You Posted in Nature